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music = muse

Ever since I was a wee young writer, music has always been the primary thing that makes my stories GO. It creates an atmosphere, sets the mood, lets me get lost in the world, and brings images to life. My novel’s soundtracks are usually extensive by the time I begin writing, but there are always those few perfect songs that get listened to on repeat, approximately six billion times before the book is done. I’ve daydreamed entire plots and made myself cry while brainstorming with the volume turned up. Probably I will be deaf by the time I am forty because of this.

(No regrets.)

This winter I’ve been noodling around a revision idea for Project Warhorse. It’s a big change, and it’s already made me weep for a few of my darlings… but it feels like a good balance between the helpful feedback I received last year and the story I want to tell. I’m excited about it. I think it will make the book leaner. Stronger. More immediate. Maybe even more emotional.

So now that it’s back to reincarnated warhorses and bleak moors, I’m pulling out some of my favorite pieces of music to fuel the revision. First up: the Song of the Sea soundtrack. This film was gorgeous and the music is lovely, haunting, moody, full of saltwater and storytelling and longing. (As a bonus, Lisa Hannigan – who does the vocals – looks a lot like I imagine my main character!)