Monthly Archives: January 2017


Oh, 2016. You were the worst of times and the best of times and then the worst again. I don’t know many people who will be sad to see this year go, but here at the end of it I’m all kinds of excited about some things that have been set in motion… 2017 is going to be a full-throttle wild ride.


A few great things happened over the past year. Although I didn’t get into the workshop I’d hoped for, I was able to go on two fabulous and productive writing retreats with a friend… talk about making the best out of a bad situation! I finished the second draft of Dragon Novel at last. (Still in love with this book.) I revised the heck out of Project Warhorse, with the help of FicFest and some fabulous new critique partners. In related news, I’m back in the querying trenches! I had some really great moments in my professional life, involving blue ribbons and happy students and some epic choreography on horseback. I went on my first ever backpacking trip, in the Roan Highland section of the Appalachian Trail. (It’s been two months and I’m still a little incoherent about how beautiful and hard and INCREDIBLE the whole experience was.) I won NaNoWriMo for the 9th year in a row, which was a very improbable thing there for a while. I met a cute Hufflepuff whose crazy matches my crazy. (And we’re kind of crazy about each other, which is pretty crazy in itself.)

Also two new Harry Potter stories came out this year, so really, what a time to be alive.

There’s a lot of potential on the horizon, but I think these are the five things I’m most excited about in the new year:

  1. I’ll be spending all of 2017 feverishly working towards the launch of a new business venture. It combines both of my passions – writing and horsemanship – and allows me to take my current business in an exciting new direction. Of course, Time Turners may need to be involved for a little while.
  2. A collaborative project with my longtime writing group. This one is still a secret as we work out the details, but it could end up being a Very Cool Thing.
  3. Sharing some of the short fiction I spent November working on. (Spoiler: dragons!)
  4. More blogging, more yoga, more adventures in new places and climbing new mountains.
  5. Continuing to write weird books that I love and putting them out there. You never know what might happen.


Onward and upward!