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here there be dragons

Ahh, spring. When a writer’s fancy turns to Daylight Savings, daffodils, and… dragons? At last, I’m getting down to the exciting business of revising my adult fantasy project, affectionately referred to as Dragon Novel.’ve always felt like this image sums up the book nicely.

Dragon Novel’s humble beginnings involve some feverishly inspired drabble prompts, NaNoWriMo 2013 and two successive camp NaNos, and a lot of really excellent music with German lyrics. (I don’t speak German, but the medieval folk band Faun is the lifeblood of this novel all the same.) It’s existed in gap-toothed draft form for a year now, full of inconsistencies and missing scenes and chronology issues that make me suspect my dragon slayer was a Timelord in a previous life.

Which is to say, I love it a lot. I retract this statement occasionally, but I think it is my favorite creation.

The funny thing about Dragon Novel is that I swore, once upon a time, that I was never going to write a dragon book. (Dragons, I insisted, were cool but overdone.) It was just that I had this beautiful leatherbound journal with a dragon and a tree on the front of it, and it was resistant to other subject matter. I also have a constant source of inspiration in my half-Arabian mare, Heaven. She is often referred to as the Dragon, and no one who has met her argues the resemblance.

Heaven gets seriousDo not meddle in the affairs of chestnut mares. You are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

And of course, Dragon Novel is about much more than scales and wings. It’s about a deeply introverted dragon slayer who makes the terrible mistake of falling in love. It’s about firebreathing women and sensationalism and family and trees. (The trees make sense in context.) There a lot more kissing and innuendo than featured in my YA projects. It has a lot of good things to say about coffee. Things go up in flames, which is how you can tell I wrote it.

It is supposed to be a standalone, and I have sworn very loudly that I will not be writing a sequel once these revisions are finished. Kind of like I swore I was never going to write a dragon book. There is also a Secret Project in the works that just might involve familiar faces and places from Dragon Novel’s world.

IMG_1215You win, dragon journal. You win.